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Corporate Health

Pre-employment medical

The pre-employment medical assessments that most corporates opt for are an essential workforce risk management tool that is used to screen people for risk factors that might limit their abilities to perform their job in safe and effective manner. At Citydoc, we offer detailed and comprehensive pre-placement & periodic medical assessments and pre-employment medical examinations that can be accurately tailored to suit the requirements of your business. Regardless of the industry you operate in, one of the best ways to optimise the productivity within your company is to ensure that your staff members are healthy and safe.

Work related injuries

A workers compensation policy typically covers an employer's workers in case any of them suffer work-related illness or injury. The policy covers the medical/related-treatment costs and includes:

  • Treatment by medical practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Remedial massage therapists
  • Nursing
  • Domestic assistance services
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Other allied health practitioners
  • Counsellors
  • Provision of artificial aids
  • Medical & medicine supplies (those provided outside of any hospital treatment)

Employee Vaccination Services

Every year we run a highly effective national flu program. Many corporates take advantage of this program and it benefits them in a number of ways:

  • 43% of reduction in absenteeism from the workplace due to influenza-related symptoms
  • 25% of reduction in the frequency of various upper respiratory illnesses
  • 36% of reduction in absenteeism because of illnesses
  • Cost benefit to the employers is a minimum of $25 per individual vaccinated.

We offer 2 different models for delivering the vaccinations:

  • Onsite: In this, the vaccination team will be sent to your office at a date & time that’s convenient to you.
  • In-Clinic: In this, we will send pre-paid flu vouchers to you; these can be handed out to all your staff members; they can bring these to our clinic to get their flu vaccine.

Companies choose one of these 2 options based on their specific preferences & the number of employees they have at their company. Not only do these benefit the employers, but it also helps keep the employees healthier and it improves their productivity. We offer very competitive pricing; the charges will be based on the number of vaccinations you purchase.

Executive Health Checks

When any of your executives travel overseas, there is up to 50 percent chance of them suffering from different travel-related illnesses. In most cases, these illnesses are a result of consuming either contaminated water/food; in others, it’s caused by animal/mosquito bites. The Citydoc Integrated Services’ doctors will be able to give your executives detailed advice about the different vaccinations that are needed, based on their travel destinations. We provide all medication and vaccination needs under a single roof.

Regardless of where your executives are travelling, Citydoc can help prepare them for a healthy & safe travel. In order to ensure that they have the necessary cover, it’s important that they visit the doctors at least 2 month before they leave. It can be a nightmare to fall ill while on travel. It’s advised that your executive visit the Citydoc GP to clearly discuss which of the vaccinations and medications they need to take before they leave.

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We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

Opposite Redfern train station