Immmunisations & Flu Vaccinations
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We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

Opposite redfern train station

Medical Centre in Sydney CBD

Citydoc is the Medical Centre in Sydney CBD that is committed to providing high quality medical care and help optimise the overall wellbeing of the people that use our services. We provide high grade medical care in a state-of-the-art setting. We provide a range of services and treatments including:

  • An accredited pathology lab
  • Approved Travel Clinic
  • Women's Health Services
  • Antental Shared Care
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Childhood Immunisations
  • Immunisations& Flu Vaccination
  • Chronic Disease management
  • Preventative Health checks
  • Preventative Health checks
  • Weight Management Clinic
  • Skin Cancer Checks
  • Dental

How we excel on all fronts

At our Medical Centre in Redfern, our clients are central to everything we do and we are highly focused in the manner in which we consult with and provide medicals services to our patients. There are a number of reasons why our services are preferred:

  • Our reception staff and the rest of the staff members are friendly and professional
  • The atmosphere at our centre is warm and welcoming
  • On our staff are approachable doctors that provide patients with a caring experience
  • We work on flexible hours and this helps you easily fit your appointments into your busy schedule
  • We offer a variety of payment options and this provides convenience to our customers
  • Patients are provided regular reminders about their slated appointments

We are very particular in the manner in which we conduct our business. At our centre, our expert doctors will provide you the right guidance which helps you make a very well-informed decision about your health; this also helps you keep a tab on your healthcare expenses. We build very strong relationships with our patients and they come to us for all their regular health tests and screening requirements. They know that when they come to us they will get the best medical services and treatment. We can also help patients that have chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma etc.

Seamless Healthcare

We are committed to providing comprehensive and seamless healthcare for men and women of all ages. At our Medical Centre in Sydney CBD, our team of expert GPs and specialists are highly skilled and receive special training in different preventive medicine methods- this helps our patients improve as well as maintain good health. We use the latest technology at our state-of-the-art medical centre. You can choose a Doctor in Sydney CBD that best suits your needs. We don't do a hurried job and allow sufficient time for your appointment to ensure you receive the best care. While you are assured of the best medical care at all times, we also provide you the right guidance about improving your overall health too so that you won't have to visit a doctor often. We also provide a variety of basic and comprehensive health checks for men and women of all ages. For more information, contact our Medical Centre in Redfern today.

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Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm

Sat: 9am - 1pm

Phone: 02 8399 5320

Fax: 02 8399 5317

We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

Opposite Redfern train station