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City Doc Medical Centre, Sydney - Your Responsible Doctor

City Doc Medical Centre, Sydney offers clinical and curative services which covers all aspects of primary care, including treatment for Acute and chronic diseases. We place patients first. At City Doc Medical Centre, Sydney Our physicians and staffs are much aware of their responsibility to get you the best treatment services, that enable us to make the best choice for your healthy living.

At City Doc Medical Clinic Sydney, All the services under one roof

City Doc Medical Clinic Sydney delivers a range of primary health care and ancillary services under one roof. Here we have formed a group of experienced physicians and doctors, who will efficiently handle all your health issues and bring you back to the healthy life. In City Doc Medical Clinic Sydney, our treatment services are available all the working day from 8am to late night hours.

Range of Medical Services Redfern

At City Doc Medical Services Redfern, we promote Integrative primary health care Services for every illness. Our special services are:

  • General Dental Services
  • Women's healthcare Services
  • Sexual healthcare Services
  • Child vaccinations and immunisation
  • Health Checkup
  • Treatment for Acute and chronic diseases
  • Cosmetic Treatment
  • Allied Health Services
  • City Doc Medical Services Redfern, all the physicians and staffs are committed to healing and pleas, our patients by giving the excellent and Quality assured treatment with utmost care and concern. Our Individualized approach and care for each patient maximizes success to get over the illness soon.

    City Doc medical services Sydney delivers the outstanding dental treatment services including Dental Examination, proffessional cleaning, dental filling, sealants, Root canal treatment, Extractions and so on. Also, our dental Experts encourage preventive dentistry in which you will have a regular consultation programme with the dentists for dental checkup. City Doc medical Services Sydney is the one- stop-shop for all types of dental treatments for your entire family.

    Want to enhance your physical appearance, come to City Doc the Sydney Medical Centre

    Are you worried about your aging problems? Want to lift up your sagging cheeks? Or want to get rid of the pigmentation and black spots? City Doc the Sydney Medical Centre has developed the best cosmetic treatment for your aging issues which enhance your physical appearance and bring back youth to you.

    City Doc Sydney Medical Centres have highly experienced doctors and staffs in Allied health care management services. If you suffer from any neck pain, back pain, severe headache or any other body part irritations, chiropractic might be helpful to you. At City Doc Sydney Medical centres we practice effective physiotherapy treatment utilising specific hands-on treatment modalities.

    Your doctor at City Doc Sydney Medical Services, helps you to reduce your weight by providing the best guidance. Also, the treatment includes medications, lifestyle changes, and surgery. City Doc Sydney Medical services have invented the integrated diabetic treatment in which the diabetic patients get the quality of life expectancy which is similar to those without diabetes by reducing Micro and Macro vascular long term difficulties.

    Lead a hassle-free life with City Doc Medical centre CBD

    At City Doc Medical Centre CBD, we have highly experienced Clinical Psychologysts, who will assist you to eliminate your mental issues through a thorough counselling and medication programmes. In case, if you are worried about stress, depression, anxiety, or any other life related issues, you can freely come up and speak with one of our expert doctors. In addition to that City Doc Medical Clinic CBD has developed other mental healthcare professionals such as counsellors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and social workers who will take a good care in your mental health issues.

    City Doc Medical Services CBD also resolves your family issues effectively through counselling programmes. Since City Doc Medical Services CBD knows that it is very much crucial your family affairs for you, we provide individual treatment to each family member.

    Do fix your appointment, if you want to have a better life. We are always here to treat you at the best level.

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    We're located at
    7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

    Opposite Redfern train station