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Preventive health checks

A health check is essentially an examination of the current state of your health. It is often carried out by your General Practitioner. Right from the time you are born and even before that, every person undergoes a range of tests to ensure they will continue to stay healthy. Even as we get older, many of us are vulnerable to illnesses. The one way to reduce this risk is to get screening tests and health checks; these are done at different stages of our lives.

The importance of health checks

The main aim of getting a health check is to effectively find, prevent or lessen the effects of different health issues. Just as we service our car on a regular basis and that prevents it from breakdowns, getting health checks ensures that problems if any, are noticed in time and treated before they escalate and become severe. We at Citydoc believe that it’s best to prevent diseases, rather than treat them. While it’s true that some tests can be quite uncomfortable, they are helpful in providing your specialist/GP an opportunity to take a closer look at your lifestyle, family and medical history to ascertain whether you are at any health risk.

Since health checks are something that have to be actioned on a regular basis, it’s important that you get them done at the same center. There are a number of advantages to doing so. It helps you build a relationship with the provider and you will be more comfortable with the doctors and can talk more openly with them. It also helps the doctor understand your concerns and health needs in a better way. When you have a regular doctor or go to the same practice, your entire medical history also stays at one place and it will also be easier to keep it up-to-date.

When it comes to maintaining optimal health, it’s always about adopting a 2-pronged approach- that of prevention and treatment. We at Citydoc have the expertise to help with both these aspects. We have the expertise and the experience to provide both. We seek to effectively reduce the chances of a disorder or disease from occurring; regular preventive health checks at least help slow down the advancement of a medical condition or disease. In case a person does become ill, we have the expertise and the resources to treat them very effectively too.

We also very firmly believe that just as these services have to be effective, they have to be affordable as well and so we also maintain very competitive pricing. Both while providing preventative health checks and in the medical treatment we provide.

How to maintain optimal health

Optimal health requires a two-pronged approach: prevention and treatment. On the one hand we can seek to reduce the likelihood of a disease or disorder occurring, or at least slow down its advancement. On the other hand we need to treat people as effectively as possible when they do become ill. We have excellent, highly qualified and trained medical personnel and nursing staff that ensure you get the highest levels of care when you come to Citydoc for preventative health checkups or any medical treatment.

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We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

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