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Travel Vaccinations in Sydney CBD

Many people love to travel to different places and experience the thrill of seeing and experiencing new things. However, there is also some health risk associated with travel. We at Citydoc are an approved Travel clinic and can provide you comprehensive advice about the different diseases that you could be exposed to (ased on the destination you are travelling to), and the Travel Vaccinations in Redfern you should be taking to prevent that from happening.

We provide excellent and comprehensive Travel Vaccinations in Sydney CBD. This helps you prepare for a safe & healthy travel. It’s important to keep in view that certain vaccinations have to be taken months before you travel and you would have to book an appointment with us well before your travel date. The one way to ensure that you have the appropriate cover is to visit your doctor at Citydoc at least 2 months prior to your travel date. We provide services to individuals, families and groups and we are NSW Health accredited to administer Yellow Fever Vaccination. The different types of vaccinations we provide are:

When you are preparing to travel, you manage your flight and hotel bookings months in advance. In the same manner, it’s equally important that you also plan to take the required vaccinations well in advance. The kind of medication or Travel Vaccinations in Sydney CBD you take will be based on the place you are travelling to. You might have to take vaccinations/medications for:

It can truly be a nightmare to fall ill when you are travelling. Don’t delay visiting your GP to clearly discuss which Travel Vaccinations in Redfern and medications you need to take before you leave.

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We're located at
7-9 Gibbons Street Redfern

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